Kazuha Migiwa
Age 16
Birthday August 3
First Appearance (Anime) Episode 1
Portrayed By
  • Nazuna Gogyo (Game) and Ryōko Ono (Anime)
  • Kazuha Migiwa is one of Yosuga no Sora heroines. She is the stunning daughter of an influential magnate. Kazuha lives a cultured life that some might compare to modern princesses.


    Kazuha is sharp-minded and attentive to every detail. As a result of her parent’s constant travels and long distance liaisons, she learned self-sufficient independence from a young age. Nonetheless Kazuha does not consider herself superior to others, with a modest nature that’s ever ready to take a subordinate role in teamwork and friendship. She often worries more about the others than herself. Through her temperance, she is very gentle and kind.


    164cm tall. Kazuha has long black hair and dark blue eyes. She is often seen wearing a ribbon on the back side of her hair. She has a refined look that hides her gentle nature.


    Kazuha didn't have any friends in childhood because she was the daughter of the most influential person in the village. This changed when she got to know a cute and innocent girl named Akira. They often played together, and the other kids joined them. Kazuha then made many friends. Even after Akira learned that Kazuha was an Ojou-sama, she didn't distance herself from her. But this happiness didn't last much longer: Akira's only parent passed away and she had to move away from the village. One night, Kazuha heard her father talking about adopting Akira, but her mother was against it and threatened that if he did, she would move away with Kazuha. Kazuha then revealed herself and cried, asking why. Her parents told her that Akira is Kazuha's father's daughter and that they are half sisters. After that, Kazuha' father decides to pay Yahiro to take care of Akira, without Kazuha's knowledge.

    Years later, Kazuha falls in love with Haruka because he always helps her and cheers her up. They declare their love for each other and decide to start a relationship. The relationship didn't last long because Kazuha thought that Akira was distancing herself from her because she knew about her relationship with Haruka. When Akira found out about that, she tells Kazuha to come to the shrine. She kisses Kazuha, who quicky pushes her away and run away crying, asking Akira to forgive her. Haruka shows up and Akira asks him to go after Kazuha and to take care of her. He runs and eventually finds her, still crying. He consoles her and says that Akira is alright. The following day, Haruka asks permission from Kazuha's father to be Kazuha's boyfriend and to act more like a father towards Akira. He agrees, saying that Haruka is really the grandson of the doctor. Kazuha then goes to school with Haruka, Sora and Akira, who acts normal towards her and says that she is okay. Months later, Kazuha enters a music contest and wins, while Haruka and Akira cheer for her.







    • She is the only Ojou-sama of Yosuga no Sora
    • She is the only character that has a Kimono sprite.
    • She is the only character that end's her relationship with Haruka and starts it again.
    • It is rumoured that due to Haruka and Kazuha having sisters, and both of the sisters being in love with them, their name have the same vogals and two of the consonants in different order.


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