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There are 12 episodes in the anime series.
Yosuga no Sora1

Yosuga no Sora Anime

These episodes do not form a single continuous story, but rather, 4 different stories based on different plot branches.

Ultimately, how these branches tie together, is explained in Haruka's inner monologue by the end.

Episode No. Episode Name Japanese Romaji Air Date Route / Number
1 Distant Memories ハルカナキオク Haruka na Kioku October 4, 2010 Akira / Kazuha / Nao / Sora 1
2 Akira Embarrassed アキラハズカシ Akira Hazukashi October 11, 2010 Akira / Kazuha 2
3 Indecision ツカズハナレズ Tsukazu Hanarezu October 18, 2010 Kazuha 3
4 Haruka's Heart ハルカズハート Harukazu Hāto October 25, 2010 Kazuha 4
5 Darkness Revealed ヤミアキラカニ Yami Akiraka ni November 1, 2010 Akira 3
6 I Won't Give Up アキラメナイヨ Akiramenai yo November 8, 2010 Akira 4
7 Sinful Maidens ツミナオトメラ Tsumi na Otomera November 15, 2010 Nao / Sora 2
8 Darkened Sky ナオクラキソラ Nao Kuraki Sora November 22, 2010 Nao 3
9 Distant Feelings ハルカナオモイ Haruka na Omoi November 29, 2010 Nao 4
10 As for a Bird's Faked Cry トリノソラネハ) Tori no Sorane wa December 6, 2010 Sora 3
11 The Uncertain Pair ソラメクフタリ Sorameku Futari December 13, 2010 Sora 4
12 To the Distant Sky ハルカナソラヘ Haruka na Sora e December 20, 2010 Sora 5

The naming of the story arcs is generally done on the basis of which girl that Haruka pursues romantically. The arcs are:


Episode Chart

  1. Kazuha arc (1-4)
  2. Akira arc (1-2, 5-6)
  3. Nao arc (1, 7-9)
  4. Sora arc (1, 7, 10-12)

The first episode is shared in all arcs. The 2nd episode is shared by the first pair of arcs, and the 7th episode is shared by the second pair. Episodes 3-4, 5-6, 8-9 and 10-12 are episodes unique to a specific arc and not shared amongst others. The first 3 arcs are 4 episodes long, and the final is 5 episodes.

2/7 is the first divergence point. After that, 3/5 and 8/10 are the 2nd branching.

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